When you think about life insurance, we're sure you're thinking about aggressive sales agents whose sole purpose is to get you to buy something that you don't understand and probably don't want. At Ethos, we know that there is a better way.

*Only for policies under $1 million

There are a lot of reasons why getting life insurance has been such a difficult process in the past, but the biggest reason is that "it's just the way things have always been done." So all of the bad practices like 15 week application processes and blackhole pricing have become engrained in the way that the life insurance industry has developed. At Ethos, we're working to change that so that our members, and people in general can go back to doing what they do best: living and enjoying their lives. Here's how we're different.

10 minute application process

At Ethos, an application for life insurance only takes 10 minutes on www.getethos.com. Through a life insurance agent, it can take up to 15 weeks to apply.

No pushy salespeople

Unlike other ways of getting life insurance, we believe that we should put our customers first. We don't believe in pressuring you to buy things that you don't need or want, instead we think a lot about how we can teach you about life insurance so you can make the best choices possible. The agents and customer experience team here at Ethos are dedicated to helping people make the best choices for their situation.

No doctor's tests required

Usually when people want to get life insurance, there are a series of tests and doctors visits that are necessary to even submit an application. At Ethos, there are no doctors tests required for policies with coverage amounts under $1 million. And we continue to try to make it simpler and easier for you.

Digital application process

This is a big one. With Ethos, you can submit an application completely online. With an agent, there's a lot of back and forth as well as a mountain of paperwork.

Claims paid within weeks

If something does happen to one of our customers, we work our hardest to make sure families are taken care of  and work quickly with all parties to get claims paid out as soon as possible.

A relationship after you've become a customer

We don't like that traditional life insurance is a " one and done" relationship. Ethos members place incredible trust in us to take care of their loved ones, but we also want to take care of our members. As an Ethos member, you'll start by getting digital content from us delivered direct to your inbox with the latest advice and studies on what we think can help you live a better life. And this is just the start, we will continue to do more for our members.

Quotes provided by Ethos Life Insurance